Why Living Word?

There are so many churches out there. What would make Living Word a great choice to call your home?

Living Word is…

Living Word is Christ centered. The motive behind everything we do - whether it be the preaching, music, or any other ministry - is always Jesus and what he has done for us. Our focus is always on the cross.

What does Living Word mean to you?


  • Faith Quest

    Every Sunday, during the service, Faith Quest is offered. It’s a wonderful opportunity for children to learn God’s Word at their level while their parents sit in the service listening to the sermon. Each week the Bible stories come to life through crafts, games, snacks, and interactive activities!

  • Small Group Bible Study

    Throughout the week we offer various Bible studies. One of them is at the Hope Center, Downtown Waukesha, at 9 am on Thursday mornings. Another is our Sunday morning Bible Class at 9 am before the worship service.

  • Summer Soccer Camp

    Every Summer we host a Soccer camp where children not only learn and practice their soccer skills, but learn about what their Savior has done for them, too!

  • Youth Group

    Living Word partners up with the other three Wisconsin Synod churches in Waukesha to offer opportunities for teens to participate in fun activities and outings. They also learn to apply what God says in His Word to real life situations and struggles.

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