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Sermon Series

Sermon Series for September, 2018:  Reading the Signs 

The overall focus:  

Count the number of traffic signs you pass the next time you’re driving.  They’re everywhere!  They tell us something’s coming or warn us of danger or tell us to be alert for something specific.  God gives us plenty of signs he wants us to be reading as well—signs that help us get through our lives.  Are we paying attention? Join us in September as we Read the Signs. 

Specific Sunday focus: 

9/2 – You’re Going the Wrong Way 

Those who don’t see Jesus as the only way to heaven are on the path to destruction, but what are some signs telling Christians we might be flirting with going down that path as well?  Do we know others on that path?  And what can we do about it?   

9/9 – Danger!  Falling Rocks 

OK–we’re on the right path as Christians.  But dangers to our spiritual lives are all around us and ever-present.  Misfortune and unforeseen problems will try to divert us from our spiritual purpose in this world.  But Jesus has already defeated his enemies and ours.  Our strength comes from him. 

9/16 – Dangerous Intersection 

This is the opposite ditch of the previous week, which warned about bad things that keep us from a strong relationship with Jesus.  This Sunday, we look at GOOD things that intersect with our lives that can keep us from focusing on Jesus. 

9/23 – Yield! 

As the people at Jesus’ time were discovering, to follow Jesus means a very different way of looking at everything in life, especially our Savior and how we can serve him.  Are we ready to yield our lives to him? 

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