Villians sermon series
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Villians Sermon Series

Sep 04 2020

This six-week series describes the lives of six villains from the Bible. Through understanding their context and possible motives, we will learn how anyone can become a villain who destroys others, but we will also discover that God can redeem even the worst of villains.

6 Week Sermon Series for Sept 6 - Oct 11

Week 1 – 9/6 Text: Genesis 4:1–16 Topic: Cain allowed anger to control him, leading him to murder his brother.

Week 2 – 9/13 Text: 1 Samuel 9:1–27; 10:1–2; 13:8–14; 15:10–21 Topic: By rejecting God’s ways and doing what he thought was right, King Saul became a villain to God’s people and to David.

Week 3 – 9/20 Text: 1 Kings 21:2-3,5-10, 15-16, God’s justice—bulletin points of vv. 17-24, 25-29 Topic: Human beings are broken by sin and have the ability to become villains.

Week 4 – 9/27 Text: John 12:3–6; Matthew 26:14–25 Topic: Even though Judas walked with Christ for years, he eventually betrayed Jesus because of bitterness and greed.

Week 5 – 10/4 Text: Matthew 2:1–18 Topic: Herod the Great was a tyrannical king who tried to kill Jesus to prove his legitimacy of kingship.

Week 6 – 10/11 Text: Acts 8:1–3; 9:1–21 Topic: Saul was a murderer of Christians and was redeemed by Jesus to become Paul the apostle.

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