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Cancelled - Soccer Camp 2020

Jun 03 2020

We had hoped that the shut-down and social distancing would be lifted in time for our soccer camp in late June, or that we could postpone it to later in the summer. But even though life is getting each week a little closer to normal, it won’t be soon enough to have our soccer camp. Not only could we not social distance well (or even at all) in a soccer camp, but we’re having trouble finding enough helpers comfortable with limited or no social distancing to lead the stations and groups. Out of concern for not spreading the virus to the entire camp and each household, we’ll have to cancel this year. And even if we find out we overdid the social distancing, it would be unloving to others to stop it completely right now.

But we know God is still in charge and still reigns on his throne and showers us with so many blessings in our crucified and risen Savior! Instead of camp, think of ways you can serve a neighbor or encourage someone who could use it while we’re all trying to get back to normal.

We’ll see you next year in June–hopefully on our own field, if all goes well!

Have a great summer, and we pray God keeps you healthy and safe!

Pastor John Borgwardt

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