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Neighborhood Watch Sermon Series

Jun 01 2020

Reminder: Services are at Mount Calvary, Sat nights @ 5p

If 2020 wasn’t already one for the record books, we now find our cities under siege with protests that are being used for violence, looting and chaos. How does a Christian react? This series uses the term “neighborhood watch,” a group of neighbors united to defend each other from outsiders who would do them or their property harm. But God tells us we need to widen our idea of what our “neighborhood” is in order to serve it best.

6-6 Looking Like God Genesis 1:26 - God created us and all people in his image

6-13 Loving My Enemy Luke 10:25-37 - Parable of the Good Samaritan

6-20 Open To Change Acts 10-11 - The Holy Spirit shows Peter how the gospel is meant for Gentiles also

6-27 Telling Others Matthew 28:16-20 - Telling our “neighbors” about Christ is always on our minds

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